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Janine Davis

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Just when you thought you’ve seen it all…there’s a sculpture of the Tesla Cybertruck made out of mashed potatoes.

And Greg Milano is the guy who did it. He studied art history and architecture. He even has a law degree and works in real estate. But, the gig that’s gotten him the most noticed is he’s a mashed potatoes master.

On Thanksgiving, Milano literally created a miniature Tesla Cybertruck out of potatoes.  It’s actually a holiday tradition that started 20 years ago when Milano was making volcanoes out of mashed potatoes.
Milano says he gets his inspiration from the news. He carved out a hostess cupcake and Twinkie because the two companies were in bankruptcy. He created the White House because it was an election year and BB8 when ‘Star Wars’ came out.
As for the mashed potato Tesla Cybertruck, after spending hours carving out windows, tires, and the trunk of the truck, Milano heated up his masterpiece, topped it off with gravy and ate it.