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David Tepper and the Carolina Panthers #BailProject posted a bond for twenty-five non-violent offenders reuniting them with their families in time for the holidays; to reduce the jail population in the Queen City.

The Panthers will also donate Thanksgiving meal packages, gift cards, groceries, clothes, and other essentials that will ultimately help these individuals with one less worry.

Each of them were behind bars for non-violent misdemeanors but could not afford to post bail until David Tepper and the Carolina Panthers donated $100,000 dollars so they could be released. Gloria Crossoure has been in and out of jail her entire life. Most recently she was charged with drug possession. The 43-year-old won’t forget the moment she learned she was getting out thanks to the Bail Project, WSOC9 reported.

Journeys are to be documented while creating life-long friendships along the way!