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Black Friday Shopping

I found out the hard way, and that’s not to wear red when visiting Target stores! You’d be surprised how many people ask you a million questions. Now that we’re in the shopping aisle, let’s break down your holiday shopping blueprint because of Black Friday. Black Friday isn’t always easy or ideal but if you want to brave the crowd, there are tricks to think smarter not harder. 

  • Know the return policy! This one is important because some stores don’t allow you to return your Black Friday purchases. If you don’t know the return policy, get a gift receipt with every purchase. 
  • Shop Late! People will shop all day long for deals, but some stores do special deals late at night to get rid of any sale on sale items. 
  • You can try price matching, but sometimes you’ll waste more time and gas doing it. Especially on Black Friday, nobody is going to price match you one the busiest day of the year. 
  • Have you heard those kids that scream at the top of their lungs because they’re are not happy shopping with mom? Leave the kids at home, or feed them and have snacks while shopping! Less stress is the key!