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Robyn Crawford is confronting one of her and Whitney Houston’s biggest opponents.

The longtime friend of the late singer, who claims she had a physical relationship with her in the ’80s, appeared on The Wendy Williams Show on Tuesday to discuss Williams’s longtime obsession with the pair and her explosive 2003 interview with Houston.

Crawford reveals that she and Houston had been planning to confront Williams, noting that they didn’t know what she looked like since she was a radio host at the time. According to Crawford, the pair had wanted to “go down to Hudson Street” and wait for Williams outside the studio she was working at.

In the contentious 2003 radio interview between Williams and Houston, the host asked if the GRAMMY winner was on drugs, causing Houston to get very upset. When Williams confronted Houston about a variety of other controversial topics and brought up Crawford, she began cursing and screaming at the radio host. “You are very defensive, Whitney,” Williams said at one point during the interview.