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The debate over Instagram hiding likes continues with influencers in Australia being the first ones affected by the change. Instagram began hiding “like” numbers down under in mid-2019 and influencers are viewing the change in good and bad ways.

Users will still be able to see the “like” count on their own pages, however, everyone else in their timeline will only be able to see who liked the content and not a number.

Some Australian influencers have seen a dip in engagement up to 40 percent, others praise Instagram’s move saying that they are less “stressed” about posting.

Users say they spend less time on the platform and are less concerned about the content they post and rely on being more authentic.

When it comes to how the removal of the “likes” affects influencer in doing their job, “Ultimately if a brand wants to work with an influencer, they simply ask for your Insights,” says influencer Crystal Conte.

Journeys are to be documented while creating life-long friendships along the way!