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According to a report from Medical Daily, a 22 year old from Columbia was told by her mother that potatoes would stop her from getting pregnant. She ended up hospitalized after the potato began to grow roots inside her. I mean, I guess it wasn't a baby, right? (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Remember that dance called the mash-potato? You should check it out on Youtube, but today let’s talk about those rich and creamy mashed potatoes we make on Thanksgiving. I love them laced with real butter, roasted garlic, and heavy cream, yum! Mashed potatoes are a perfect complement to a Thanksgiving meal. They pair well with turkey and even better, it gives an excuse to have more gravy! Making the perfect mashed potatoes is simple, you just need to follow a few tips.

Chose a good baking potato, usually, a Russet potato works well. These have a light fluffy texture when fully cooked. Cut the potato in chunks and boil in salted water. Once the potatoes are soft enough to easily pierce with a fork, drain well then place them back in the pot and put them back on the stove. This will help drive out any residual moisture that is left in the potatoes. Once the potatoes are sufficiently dry, move them to a large mixing bowl.

Good mashed potatoes typically start with three ingredients, potatoes, butter, and dairy, usually milk or cream. in order to add additional flavor to your potatoes, I place the dairy I am using in a small saucepan, heat over low heat and add a large sprig of rosemary and a couple of cloves of smashed roasted garlic. Allow these to steep on the dairy, much like you were making tea. Heat low and slow so you don’t scorch the dairy. Once the potatoes are ready, remove the rosemary from the dairy, and remove from the heat.

With the potatoes in a mixing bowl, try mashing them up as much as possible by hand. If you are using an electric hand mixer, with the beaters inserted you can use them as a hand masher until most of the potatoes are broken down. Add your butter and start mixing, adding the dairy a little at a time until you get your desired consistency. Less dairy makes a lighter fluffier mash while more makes it more creamy, the choice is up to you. Enjoy your fresh rosemary garlic mashed potatoes, you’ll thank me later. When tasting your rich and creamy smashed potatoes, do the mashed potatoe dance!