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Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore is spilling the beans on her breakup from her husband Marc Daly.

While rumors swirled that they split over infidelity on Daly’s part, Moore tells PEOPLE she has no proof of that. However, she admits that living in two separate states was challenging.

Moore says this week’s issue of PEOPLE, Marc opened up two new businesses and is opening up another. It was frustrating for me that he kept opening businesses in New York but listen — I want him to be successful and that’s how he feeds his family. So, I couldn’t be selfish. But if you’re living in two different places, you have to be together during the times you are in the same place; either you’re both in NY and you’re both in Atlanta. And when we’d be in the same place, we weren’t always in the same place. So, with the businesses, the distance, and the baby, it just became hard for us to figure it all out.

Moore also says that she would like to reunite with Daly and admits in PEOPLE, I didn’t get married to quit. I love my husband. I don’t doubt that he loves me. Let me be clear, I took my vows seriously. I believe in for better and for worse and I believe in trying it all before you walk away, especially when we do have a child and we are a family.

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