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He’s not even had an opponent announced for his UFC return this January, but Conor McGregor is adding a celebrity to his bout wishlist.  McGregor says he wants a celebrity bout with rapper and friend of Floyd Mayweather 50 Cent.

McGregor says his wish to fight 50 comes after years of the rapper posting mean-spirited memes about him.  50 has created memes comparing the Irish fighter to Britney Spears during her meltdown period, even posting McGregor’s head on Britney’s body when she took an umbrella to a papparazzi’s car in 2007.

McGregor says that he once called 50 Cent our for the memes on Instagram by saying “Old man on the internet making memes” but 50 blocked him on social media.  McGregor hasn’t fought in the octagon since he was defeated by Khabib Nurmagomedov last year.

Journeys are to be documented while creating life-long friendships along the way!