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Janine Davis

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Can you imagine having a dream that you swallowed your engagement ring and then when you wake up, you find out you really did?!

Talk about a dream come true! And such was the case from Jenna Evans of San Diego. She dreamed that she and her fiance were on a high-speed train and some robbers came on board. Her fiance told her to swallow her ring to keep the robbers from taking it. So she did – she popped it in her mouth swallowed.

Fast forward the next morning, Jenna woke up to find her engagement ring missing. Then it hit her that she may have actually swallowed it like in the dream. She and her fiance went to urgent care, and after an Xray, there it was — her ring in her stomach!

Jenna ended up having an endoscopy (a procedure where doctors use a tube with a camera to see inside your stomach) and extracted her ring. Jenna opted NOT to have the ring pass through her naturally. And I don’t blame her. Yuck!

Jenna told her story on Facebook and as you can imagine, it’s gonna thousands of shares – like 57,000 shares.

Needless to say, Jenna is wearing her ring again and promises NOT to swallow it. She takes it off at night. The two plan to marry next May.