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Janine Davis

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We know how confusing high school can be to navigate, and having low self-esteem and bully’s don’t help. 

Well, meet 18 yr. old Michael Watson who has learned at an early age that whatever the mind conceives, the body can achieve. The 6-foot-4 inch teen weighed 335 pounds his junior year, but when he walks across the stage at graduation later this month, the McKinley High senior will be 115 pounds lighter.

Using low moments to fuel positive change, Watson, committed to walking to and from school every day, about 20 minutes each way.

In addition to the walking, he made a commitment to dieting, which could not have been easy since he was working an after-school job at a fast-food restaurant.

Talk about commitment. Way to go, Michael!

#StayCommitted #WalkingToSchoolLoseWeight