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Raz B Speaks On Why He Quit And Rejoined The 'Millennium Tour'

Raz B has spoken out about why he quit and rejoined the Millennium Tour with his group B2K. 

Raz B Says He Doesn't Feel Safe on B2K Reunion Tour, But He's Not Quitting | TMZ

Raz B says he's going to tough it out on the B2K reunion tour, despite fearing for his own safety ... and feeling less than appreciated by his groupmates. SUBSCRIBE: About TMZ: TMZ has consistently been credited for breaking the biggest stories dominating the entertainment news landscape and changed the way the public gets their news.

TMZ recently caught up with the singer and asked him a few questions regarding the tour.

"The Millennium Tour is [in] full effect. All four B2K members will be there doing our thing," Raz B said.

The singer who has previously lived overseas said that he needs to find the right security."Realistically I have to find the right security guard, and I haven't found the right one yet," he explained.

Raz B then answered, "yes," to being asked if he feels underappreciated on the tour.

"I've been living out of the country for a long time, so being in America to me is unsafe," Raz B said while circling back to why exactly he felt unsafe, after being asked several times.

Raz B then went on to express B2K's adoration for each other and how they've grown."We love each other and we learned how to communicate," he said. "It's a long tour, so I'm sure we'll have a bunch of more conversations."

The singer who was walking with a woman, who he referred to as "baby" had a message for his fans.

"I love y'all and thank you for supporting me. I will be at the Millennium Tour," Raz B said.

When asked about his ex-manager and cousin, Chris Stokes, who Raz B claimed allegedly molested him, the singer remained silent.

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