V101.9’s Valentine’s Day Tips & More

Because making it with love is better than buying it! 

Finding the perfect something for your Valentine can be more stressful than its worth. So why not try and make something? Here are five easy DIY Valentines Day treats that you can make for that special someone in your life. Simply just click the DIY project you love the most and see the full recipe.

1.Sweet Cherry Pies: Keep it simple and create the perfect little pie sprinkled with sugar on top. They only take around 25 minutes to complete!

2.Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies: An absolute classic and they taste even better.

3.Stuffed Strawberries: With a little cream cheese, sugar, and liqueur you can make these strawberries for that special someone who loves a fruity snack.

4.Sweet Cherry Linzer Torte Cookies: Spell something out with these cookies! They take about two hours to make and are only a little over 100 calories each.

5.Heart Shaped Cookie Pops: These are ADORABLE and your sweetheart will devour these. Only 25 minutes to make!


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