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It takes a legend to have a song that was reaching the top of the singles chart 31 years ago and it still is a classic everyone enjoys listening to today. 

The King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson, was reaching the top of the charts with his single “The Way You Make Me Feel” in 1988.

Jackson’s single made its way to the top of the charts all over the world from the U.S. to New Zealand and Switzerland.

“The Way You Make Me Feel” music video was one of Jackson’s videos to be nominated for an award at the 1988 MTV Video Music Awards. It features his smooth choreography style and model/dancer, Tatiana Thumbtzen.

The song was the third single released from his album “Bad” which included other hits like “Bad,” “Dirty Diana,” “Man in the Mirror” and “Smooth Criminal.”

There is no denying that Jackson’s music made history and continues to be played worldwide to this day.


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