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Janine Davis

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I don’t know many people who didn’t check out at least one of the six-part episodes of “Surviving R. Kelly” over the weekend on the Lifetime Network.

In fact, that documentary broke the networks viewership records with some 1.9 million people viewing it.

And while the rest of us were glued to our television sets, TMZ says that Kelly was “disgusted” by the details uncovered in the docuseries and refused to watch any of it.

R. seems to think that the documentary was a “vendetta” against him. In fact, he said half of the women featured he didn’t even know them and he called the other women in the series “traitors.”

R says he’s going to sue the network and everyone who had anything to do with trashing his name. And while he’s been talking lawsuit, he’s also been working on his music, of course. How about just weeks leading up to his controversial documentary, R has produced a new song!!! What??

Anyway, the name of the song is “Born To My Music.” Smh.

We are asking YOU the consumer, our faithful listener to chime in on whether you think we should play any R. Kelly music? Let us know.