Still, Monia pushed forward, fighting the Cancer fight every day with the Navy behind her. One of Rihanna’s biggest fans passed away on Christmas Day. Rihanna grew close to Monia after visiting her in the hospital while she was battling cancer. Rihanna continued to keep tabs on Monia via social media and posted a picture of them along with a special message to her on social media after her passing on Christmas.

“This picture was just a few months ago, she looked at me and said ‘Rih the cancer is back’ I’ll never forget the fear in her eyes this day!” wrote Rihanna.

Monia went through three different cancer diagnosis before finally losing her battle,

“Still she pushed forward, fighting the fight every day with the Navy behind her supporting her every step of the way!” Rihanna wrote.

“We are all heartbroken about this!!! You will never be forgotten! Love you my angel @moniasto fly in peace.”

Rihanna, who had encouraged Monia often during her battle, posted a video of her with a tearful Monia as they shared a hug.

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