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The Pittsburgh Steelers hung half a hundred plus two on the Panthers and exposed them like film outside the dark room. Looks like the Carolina Panthers were a fraud. I bought what the Panthers were selling. The Panthers knocked on my door one early Saturday morning and not only did I open the door, but I also invited them in for scones and coffee.

Going up to the Steel city and coming back with “W” would’ve made the Panthers be in Super Bowl Contender talk. It didn’t happen. Instead, the Panthers might not even make the playoffs because they have to fight for the Wildcard spot.

They face Atlanta again (brutal), face the Bucs again (which you should win) and they face the Saints twice (double brutal). I don’t know Panther fans you blew a golden opportunity to stomp with the big dogs. Now you’re in the pound with the rest of the puppies. #EasyMoneySon #IcanNeverBeToast