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You'll Never Guess What Rick Ross Named His First Son

Congratulations are in store for rap icon Rick Ross.

Rozay and his longtime girlfriend, Briana Camille, recently welcomed their second child and first son together to the world and I can’t decide if the name choice will surprise you or not.

Yung Rénzél ???? on Twitter

Let's all welcome my son 'Billion Leonard Roberts' to the world ????... ????????

Yes, “Billion”. Rick Ross named his first son “Billion”.

Now before you start flaming me, I actually don’t hate it. In a world where everyone is called by their nicknames or short version of their name, Billion will most definitely be called “Billi” eventually, which I think is pretty dope. What is hilarious are the reactions that Ross’ announcement got.

Some good.

T. Rash???? on Twitter

@RickRoss named his son Billion...and you know what...I'm here for it! https://t.co/U3QFFP1UPe

And some not so much.

Tam. on Twitter

guys rick ross named his son billion...goodnight https://t.co/EWPKlPkC0M

DR. J on Twitter

Rick Ross just had a son and naked him Billion Leonard Roberts..... https://t.co/yXNDpzfQCu

(Photo by Tabatha Fireman/Getty Images)

What do you think of Rozay naming his son Billion?


Written by Christopher Schweitzer
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