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JD Inspiration: Watch Your Diet - Put More God In You (Audio)

So the other day I thought I'd veer off my 'always-eating-healthy' kick and had some fried calamari, fried rice with steak and broccoli and even threw in sip or two of an orange soda. Something I hadn't had in a minute so it was soooo good going down.

I think you know where I'm going with this. About an hour later, my stomach felt Mike Tyson was in it throwing bows, upper cuts, under cuts - anykind of cut you could thing of. I was sick as a dog!! I was like 'Dang, I didn't even have that much.' Needless to say, it was pretty ugly and violent. Yuck!

I was quickly reminded I can't just put anything in my system anymore. My body was so used to eating salmon, kale salad, purified water and fruit, that it completely rejected the that fried, high sodium and sugary food.

And isn't that alot like the junk food we feed off of in life?