Man Arrested For Taunting A Bison [Video]

Check out this viral video of a man harassing a bison at Yellowstone National Park went viral— and after a disturbance at another national park more than 300 miles away — rangers arrested him. It was the man’s fourth run-in with park officers in less than one week.

On Tuesday, the man, identified by the authorities as Raymond Reinke, 55, was captured on video goading and lunging at the bison on a paved road in Yellowstone. The massive brown animal crossed the road and turned its back away from him until the man gestured at the animal as if trying to coax it into a fight. He flexed his arms and then pointed — which sent the animal charging toward him.

The man did not stop there.

He tested the bison again with an animalistic grunt, balling up his fists and hunching over. The bison charged, horns lowered.