Janine Davis/iPhone

JD Inspiration - Even When The Music Doesn't Play, Don't Give Up

We all know the 'devil is busy'..as my grandmother used to say. And I'm sure you can attest to that. I can, too! For example, today during the Midday Mixtape with DJ Kue One...we were flowing, I was dancing hard as usual. I even had a 16-year-old visitor in the studio who started rockin' with me. We were right in the middle of Rihanna's "Lemon" and you know how that beat goes. I just dropped it and skeeeerrrrrrt...the music STOPPED. Like nothing.

If you're in radio, you know that is the absolutely worst sound you could every hear - SILENCE. DJ Kue One kind of froze. I immediately went to the microphone and started talkin'...of course while I was also putting in another song so that we could escape the 'dead air.'

The song I inserted started playing, then DJ Kue One was able to get his computer working again so he motioned for me to pull him back up. I did my own rendition of a segue. And we were back in business - a LIVE mix show.

Then it happened again - dead silence. DJ Kue One, in disgust, said "I'm done!" Of course, I couldn't be done. I still had another 35 minutes of mix left. That snafu or malfunction didn't stop the show. I knew we had to keep it movin'. DJ Kue One was focused on what happened, meanwhile I was focused on what's next - let's keep going!

As I write this, I think about life in general and how things will pop up that we arent' necessarily expecting or in some cases even prepared for. I believe like my grandma used to say that "the devil is busy." But then, I also remember her saying, "But, God." I had that "But, God" moment and remembered who's really in charge and that God has NOT given you a spirit to give up.

When the computer stopped working and the music stopped, I had the attitude of 'so what.' I didn't concentrate on WHY it happened, but thought 'Let's keep it moving.' When I first got into radio, whenever you make a mistake you have a tendency to go back and try to fix it or figure out what happened. But no matter what, you never get back that time. It's gone. So when mishaps, bad things happen in your life, dont' let it derail you. Keep moving foward. And I remember my grandma's saying "The devil is busy, But, God."