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This 3 Year Old Saved Her Father From A Stroke

Doctors say 3-year-old Molly saved her father's life when he suffered a stroke this past Fourth of July.

Trevor McCabe suffered a stroke on the Fourth of July when his 3-year-old then called her mother via FaceTime, who works as a nurse, and showed her Trevor sprawled out on the floor.

Emergency crews took Trevor McCabe to Winchester Medical Center after Devon McCabe called 911. After receiving medication, he was flown to Inova Fairfax Medical Campus where the blood clot to his artery in his brain stem had to be broken up.

Trevor is now recovering.  Molly's mom says her daughter is too young to read but has a 'photographic memory' from playing with their phone.

This just shows kids shouldn't be underestimated and we are proud of little Molly helping out her dad.

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