Photo courtesy of Dawn Hill featuring #AmbushedwithLove Denzeill, his manager Dowdy and coworkers.

Meet our first #AmbushedwithLove recipient Denzeill.


Here's his story:

Dawn (featured on the left side of the picture) pulled up to a Wendy's drive thru for lunch and was blown away by  exceptional service from Denzeill.  She said he was respectful and went above and beyond just taking her order.  The following week Dawn stopped by with a balloon and a $25 gift card saying, "Thank you."

Everyone there praised God for sending someone to simply say, "Thank you."  They were grateful someone stopped in to tell them, "We see you & we're grateful for your work."

It's doesn't take a lot to be nice to someone.  Be on the look out for people to be #AmbushedwithLove.

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