Parenting at It's BEST!

I love old school parenting & the dad in the video below is an example of how to get outside of the box when it comes to parenting.


On another note, say hello to my son Christian (pic below).   I had him when I was a teenager, but make no mistake, he always lived with me & I raised him in a single parent household.

I'll be honest I didn't have all the answers but I did the best I could do to raise a young boy to me a man & it's a blessing to say my son graduated high school, works a full time job with a management role, he has his own apartment, pays his own bills, he's never been to jail & he also has a clean record (THANK GOD!)

I saw the video (posted above) & had to share it because it reminded me of something I did as a parent one very cold winter night.  Christian & I stopped at a convenience store on our way home & he asked me for a bag of flaming hot Cheetos & I told him no because he had misbehaved in school earlier that day.  He then ran to the car & locked me out of it while it was cold, dark & snowing.  When he finally unlocked the door (about 2 minutes later) I put him  out & told him he'd have to walk which was about a mile walk & again, it was cold & snowing but I wasn't playing.  Needless to say, he never pulled that BS again!  LOL!