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After Vince McMahon‘s press conference today announcing the return of the XFL (see video below), a lot of questions still remain unanswered, but fans and other interested parties definitely have a decent general idea of what this rebooted football league could be like.

Here are the six biggest takeaways.

Vince McMahon's Major Sports Announcement

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League Structure

The XFL will start with eight teams with 40 men rosters.  The regular season will contain ten games, with the post-season featuring four semi-finals match-ups and a championship game.  The regular season is currently slated to begin in early January.  The league will not have a franchise model, and the locations of the eight teams are still being scouted.


WWE involvement

McMahon made it clear that there would be no crossover between the XFL and the WWE.  He also made it clear that new personnel would be hired to oversee XFL operations, and that he would not be the face of the league.

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