Coretta Scott King Called Music Her "First Love" [Video]

Coretta Scott King said that music was her first love. She said she inherited her musical talents from her mother, who sang in church because “there was no place else to sing for her when I was growing up.”

Coretta Scott King sang solos in church herself, as well in school and said, “I became the star pupil that the teacher showed off with when the dean supervisor came around. I grew up in the country and we went to this one-room school, a big one-room. I would be the pupil that she asked to sing, or to recite a poem. And of course, I just accepted it as the fact that I could do it and that’s why she was asking me to do it.” Later, she said, “I got the notion that I would really like to study music because when I heard classical music for the first time, I liked it.” “So I got my foundation and my beginning there, and then, at Antioch.” She decided to pursue additional advanced education because at Antioch, “I couldn't get a full music degree but I always wanted to study music; that was my first love.”

She decided to serve alongside her husband Dr. King and give up her music career.

Check out this video of Scott singing.