Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Ciroc

Can DJ Khaled Outdo Oprah As Weight Watchers As Social Media Ambassador?

You knew Oprah Winfrey would knock it out of the box when she joined Weight Watchers and not to mention bought 10% of stock in the company. When she came on board last year, Weight Watchers shares shored nearly 300%.

Now the company has the help of global music star and producer DJ Khaled. Yesterday, he signed on as a  social media ambassador for Weight Watchers. The company shares increased  by 6% just after the announcement was made. m, increasing the company shares by 6 percent after the announcement yesterday.

DJ Khaled says he's lost 20 pounds on the program, and he's bragging about it to his followers -- 3.4 million on Facebook, 3.92 million on Twitter, 8.9 million on Instagram and a reported 3 million to 4 million views for his Snapchat posts.

Yep - I think it'll make some things happen for Weight Watchers!!