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Keyshia Cole Has To Pay $100K To Ex's Side Chick

It seems it doesn't pay to beat down your ex-man's side chick. Just ask R&B Songtress Keyshia Cole. You may remember was all in love with Cash Money's Birdman a few years ago until her love came crashing down when she found out Birdman was singing to another chick. A judge just ruled Keyshia will have to pay that side chick a little over $100,000 for beating her.

According to TMZ, this all happened in 2014 when Keyshia made a surprise visit to Birdman's West L.A. condo in the middle of the night, only to find him with a Cash Money employee named Sabrina. Birdman said it was 'purely plutonic' and apparently Keyshia didn't see it that way and started beating down the girl.

Sabrina ended up suing Keyshia for like $4 million for her injuries and emotional distress. A judge this week said 'meh, not so much.' Instead, he awarded the side chick $100, 635 for her troubles.

Maybe some anger management classes for Key-Key now?? Just sayin'.

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