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A Comedian Is The Latest Named In A Sex Scandal In Hollywood

Just when we thought we'd heard the last of victims of sex acts in Hollywood, another name is thrown in the pot. The New York Times just published a report that names comedic actor Louis C.K. as an alleged sex offender.

Five women have come forward to say C.K. acted inappropriately to them, inviting them to his hotel room then getting naked and masturbating in front of them. The alleged incident happened in 2002. C.K. denies the allegations.

 It was just a few weeks ago movie mogul Harry Weinstein set off the series of 'sex cover ups' in Hollywood, when more than 30 women came forward to say they were victims of Weinstein - from lewd sex acts to threats of being black balled if they did not perform sexual acts with him. No formal charges, but Weinstein has since been fired from his own film company and kicked out of prestigious movie associations.
Not far behind him is actor Kevin Spacey - star of Netflix's "House of Cards" - who allegedly made unwanted sex acts towards a young male actor over 30 years ago. Spacey  apologized, but has been booted from his major political drama series "House of Cards" as well as other upcoming movie productions.