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Papa John's Blaming The NFL For A Decline In Its Dollars

It's been the topic of conversation for a while now in the world of sports - the kneel or not to kneel during the national anthem at NFL football games? Colin Kaepernick set it off by refusing to stand, but kneeling instead to protest police violence, especially towards black men.

Not every has been happy about it, including popular pizza company Papa John's that's blaming the NFL for its sagging pizza sales and unhappy shareholders. According to CNN, the company has sponsored the league since 2010 and Papa John's founder and CEO John Schnatter blames the NFL Commissioner.

Schnatter says the drama that's surrounded the NFL lately is an example of poor leadership. And says it should have been put to bed a year and a half ago.

 Papa John's stock is down 24% this year. Its competitors like Domino's is performing pretty well. In fact, Domino's stock is up 12% this year.

Papa John's has pulled some of its planned commercials from NFL games this season. Schnatter said the NFL has promised to give the pizza company future spots in return.

The NFL spokesman has declined to comment on his comments.