Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Daytime TV Talk Show Host Wendy Williams Faints On Live TV (Video)

It's not the kind of 'live' TV you want to see (I know I didn't), but it was NOT a stunt. Daytime TV Talk show host Wendy Williams actually fainted while taping a live version of her talk show.

She was fully dressed in her Halloween costume as the 'Statute of Liberty' and ready to introduce her Halloween costume guests when she stopped mid-sentence and literally passed out! It was scary to watch. Her production crew rushed to her side.

Not one to make a big deal over her 'ordeal', Wendy said it was not a big deal - that she simply got overheated in her costume. Meanwhile, I hear some of her peeps are concerned she's stressed over the job and some of the rumors that her hubby has been cheating. (Yep, that'll do it).

Personally, I'm concerned about all the weight she's lost. I'm all about being healthy, but is she at her optimum health?? Just sayin'.

Nonetheless, Wendy fainted and literally got back up and finished her show.