Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Dove Is Apologizing For Ad That Disses' Black Women

I don't get it. How do you build a strong campaign promoting your passion for diversity and women having positive body image, but turn around and dismantle that image in a three-second GIF? I'm shaking my head.

Well, Dove is apologizing  for a social media post this weekend that the company says "missed the mark" representing black women.

The offending ad was a 3-second GIF pushing Dove body wash that was posted Friday to the brand's Facebook page.

The GIF introduced with the line "Ready for a Dove Shower?" it shows a looping image of a black woman removing a dark brown t-shirt to reveal a white woman. She then removes her beige t-shirt to show a third woman.

So, what are you trying to say Dove? That the skin you're in isn't good enough or better yet, is the black skin you're in not good enough? What does that say about 'diversity'? Or what does it say about positive body image? Needless to say, the GIF was taken down.