Adam Berry/Getty Images

Airlines Slashing Prices To Help People Fleeing Hurricane Irma

Some major airlines are doing their part to help folks in Florida escape before Hurricane Irma hits. JetBlue says it's "offering any remaining seats in select markets" at reduced fares of between $99 and $159, including taxes.

American Airlines, which has a major hub in Miami, says it's capped the price of main cabin seats on single leg flights at $99.

Meanwhile, Delta says it  won't charge more than $399 for tickets on all flights to and from southern Florida and the Caribbean. That price cap will apply to all seats, including first class.

All three companies say their price caps will be in effect through September 13.

The move makes sense as the airlines have been accused boosting their prices for flights out of the path of Irma, which is expected to hit the U.S. mainland this weekend.