Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Live Nation

Kanye West Suing Insurance Company After His Mental Breakdown

Ok, is Kanye West really losing it? How are you gonna sue your insurance company over tour dates you had to cancel because of your illness?

Kanye has filed a $10 million lawsuit claiming his insurance company is withholding payments after his canceled tour. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Yeezy says Lloyd’s of London hasn’t paid up more than eight months after he canceled his Saint Pablo Tour following a mental breakdown.

West and his company, Very Good Touring, Inc., filed a loss claim two days after he checked himself into a psychiatric center, but he claims the company has yet to pay up.

Now, I"m hearing the delay in pay may be because Kanye was smoking some weed (marijuana) and that maby be a basis to deny his claim.

We'll see.