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9 Facts About Mark Wahlberg You Probably Didn't Know

Today, Hollywood's actor Mark Wahlberg turns 46. Happy Birthday Marky Mark! 

He got his start into stardom as frontman for the musical, rap group Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. After this endeavor, he entered the world of modeling and became a successful actor. He's most noted for his roles in Lone Survivor (2013), Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014) and the Ted movies, according to Biography.

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In honor of his special day, let's learn a little more about this former rapper. Below are some of the most interesting facts attributed to Mark Wahlberg, which were found via Booms Beat.

  • Mark has 8 siblings. Their names are Arthur, James, Debbie, Michelle, Paul, Tracey, Robert, and Donnie. Just when you thought 8 was enough, the star additionally has 3 half-siblings from his father by another woman!

  • During his time as "Marky Mark", Wahlberg served as an underwear model for Calvin Klein. Anyone interested in the CK look and style?

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Happy 46th birthday to Mark Marky Mark Wahlberg!

  • Wahlberg dropped out of high school for good at age 14. He eventually got his GED. You can't get away with that these days!

  • Mark was arrested over 20 times including an attempted murder charge.  Who would have thought the now super successful actor was once a criminal? We're too thrilled he's made some drastic changes and turned his life around.

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Back when Mark Wahlberg was Marky Mark. Happy birthday #MarkWahlberg! For The Funky Bunch to The Fighter, cheers #birthday #Transformers https://t.co/D1MSlgomyC

  • Mark is distantly related to author Nathaniel Hawthorne, Madonna, Celine Dion, and Halle Berry. We wonder who else he could be related to...

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Happy birthday to the coolest guy around, @mark_wahlberg! #Wahlburgers

  • Donnie Wahlberg, Mark's brother, was the founder of New Kids on the Block, and occasionally he gets his brother up on stage.

  • In 1992, the readers of Rolling Stone voted Wahlberg the "worst male singer of the year." We can't speak for others, but we sure enjoyed his rap!

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Happy Birthday, @mark_wahlberg! See him in #Transformers #TheLastKnight on June 22.

  • Wahlberg and several friends originally had tickets to fly on United 93, which was one of the planes that was hijacked on 9/11. Their plans changed, and they didn't take the flight.

  • Mark and his brothers co-own a restaurant in Massachusetts called Wahlburgers. Yum! They couldn't have picked a better name for their store.

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Birthday Spotlight (June 5th) - #MarkWahlberg Happy 46th Birthday @mark_wahlberg!

  • He is married to Rhea Durham and currently has 4 children, Ella, Grace, Brendan, and Michael. Hmm, will Mark hop on the bandwagon of having lots of children just like his family?

  • Mark was born with a third nipple. How uncommon! It was airbrushed out of his modeling work, but we wonder, considering his other work done to his body like tattoos and whatnot, if he had it removed.

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