7 Shows We Love Not Coming Back for 2017-2018

After a long day at work, running errands, or running the kids around on the weekend.

We all have our favorite shows we love to watch and get lost in, to relax and live vicariously through our favorite charters. Of course not all always return. Here is a list of some old and new shows not returning.


“2 Broke Girls” on CBS will not be returning for a seventh season. After six seasons the show about two very different girls who want to open a cupcake business together but can’t afford it, is no more. Viewership may have dipped a bit but still had a loyal following since 2011. It would have been nice to have this fun loving show around at least one more season.


“APB” on FOX won’t have a chance at a second season. A cop drama about a troubled district and a billionaire who comes in to help revamp it after his friend is murdered has Fox pulling the plug although it had pretty good ratings in its first season. It seems FOX has some shows that they think will do better. With 3.43 million viewers season two should have gotten a chance.


“Sleepy Hollow” on Fox has been put to bed after four seasons. The supernatural drama about an FBI agent and a dead guy awakened after 250 years, both known as Biblical witnesses who fight supernatural creatures to continually save the town. After what appears to have been a drastic drop in ratings it seems that killing off one of the shows main charters in season three may  not  have been the best idea.


“Man Seeking Woman” on FXX apparently didn’t find the ratings of their dreams. A show about a shy guy in his mid-twenty’s looking for love but constantly running into awkward situations, will no longer seek people to watch. After season three having less than 375,000 total viewers we can understand letting it go after not finding what they were seeking.


“Imaginary Mary” on ABC is not coming back for a second season. A comedy about a woman’s childhood imaginary friend coming back into her life in her thirties, after she gets involved in a serious relationship with a man who has three kids. Maybe if the night the show aired didn’t change from Wednesday to Tuesday after just one episode it wouldn’t be left to our imagination on what a second season would have been like.


“Secrets and Lies” on ABC has no more secrets for a season three. An American mystery crime drama based on an Australian format about a detective who investigates homicide cases. The shows second season aired a year and a half after it’s first with new cast members and a new case. Maybe the time in-between seasons and the change in casting is why this one won’t be coming back.


“Training Day” on CBS isn’t returning for a second season. The series based around the movie of the same name will not be returning due to low ratings but also the death of one of the lead characters. Even though this show had an airing day change from Thursdays to Saturdays it still ended with 3.6 million viewers on the final airing. While this was one show that did the movie it was based on proud we will miss Bill Paxton show or no show.