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R. Kelly Back to Breaking up Loving Homes

Giving new meaning to his track "I'm A Flirt," R. Kelly is back in the bad graces of the law. 

Admittedly this story is less damaging than reportedly golden showering somebody, but that is for another rainy today. Today we're looking at the suit filed by Kenny Bryant, a Hinds County Sheriff's Department Deputy in Mississippi. Bryant claims Kelly had an affair with his wife, Asia Childress, prior to their marriage back in July of 2012 and has filed a lawsuit for alienation of affection.

In true, respectable, R. Kelly fashion, his doggish pursuits would not stop there. Apparently, Childress attended an October 2012 Kelly concert, and the affair heated back up. It was then that Childress convinced Bryant to move to Atlanta to further her "career."

Little did the deputy know that the "career" was becoming Kelly's side piece. Childress since filed for divorce herself, so that she could be closer to the rapper.

But Kelly better beware, Mississippi is reportedly one of the states you can sue for adultery. He may be black, handsome and can sing, but he may end up being a little less rich.

A hefty price to pay to for sticking his key in da ignition.


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