GALLERY: The Fabulous And Weird Hats Of The Kentucky Derby

When it comes to the Kentucky Derby, women are supposed to show off the finest spring fashions. 

Ladies are encouraged to wear "spring dresses, pastel colored suits, or bold separates that coordinate with their Derby headwear and accessories," according to the Kentucky Derby website in their "What To Wear" section. According to their site, the hats are "Part Souther tradition, part spectacle," and there are "no rules" when choosing your Derby Hat. It is, however, looked at as a good luck charm, and many choose to wear the wide brimmed "Southern Belle Hat" - and are encouraged to be colorful, and include flowers, bows, ribbons, feathers, and more.

They also note that you can choose to wear, as many of the women in our gallery did, a Fascinator, which they note has recently been re-popularized by Princess Kate Middleton, that is a woven disc topped with netting and feathers to give you the "hat" look with no hat hair.

Talk about crazy! Women have fully embraced this tradition, and so every year, the Kentucky Derby is privy to all sorts of crazy hats. Here are some of our favorites below from this year's festivities:


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