Would You Spend Your Money On These Things?

The internet presents us with some of the strangest things to waste our money on. Everything from fake hands to fake poop, we sometimes drop serious cash on things we just don't need. But even though we aren't supposed to waste our hard earned cash...there may be a few pointless things we can make exceptions…

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Unlock The V Cash Vault!

Each prize is $100 cash paid in the form of a check from Beasley Media Group made payable to the winner and may take 30-60 days for processing.

It's time to unlock the V Cash Vault to win some cash! Listen at designated times at the top of the hour, 15 after the hour,30 after the hour, and:45 after the hour for the four numbers that will unlock our V Cash Vault! After the 4th number is given, we will prompt you to…