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Steve Harvey "Jump Into Your Dreams" [Audio]

Steve Harvey explains how to follow your dream and jump off the cliff of life, and making the jump of faith. Never be afraid to embrace the place that Good has called you to go. The parachute of life will never open if you never trust God and make the jump.

Cop Points A Gun At Man For Nine Minutes [Video]

A California police officer points a gun at a passenger for nearly nine minutes the video has gone viral on YouTube. The police officer said that the passenger was reaching under his seat and he felt threaten, when asked to see his licence and registration. Check out the video here:

Steve Harvey "God Gives Us All Seasons" [Audio]

Steve Harvey explains how different people bring forth fruit in their own season. He explains we can not determine the time of our season or the fruit that we bear in our seasons. Stay focused on God and the gifts that he has gave us. Listen to the audio from this mornings Steve Harvey morning…