(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for SXSW)

OH NOOO! T.I. Arrested WHY?!?!?

T.I. was arrested outside of his home in Henry County Georgia yesterday morning & the internet is going crazy & many of us smell BULL CORN!!!

Its said that he showed up to his gated community at around 4am & the security gate guard was sleeping on the J-O-B so when TI woke him up he had a bit of an attitude!  When the guard called Tiny (T.I.'s wife) the two of them got into a verbal confrontation (Tiny & the security guard) and after the gaurd cursed at her, TI asked him what his name was & he rused to give it to him.  T.I. then proceeded to his home after being let in but returned to the security booth by foot to attempt to get the guard's name again.  At that point, the two of them started to argue & the guard eventually called 911.  T.I. was arrested & booked on simple assault, disorderly conduct & public drunkenness.  The leaked video below is of T.I. being question in the jail cell.