Unarmed Black Man Shot/Killed by Police in Brooklyn

An unarmed black man has been shot & killed by the police & this time it happened in a Brooklyn neighborhood.

The incident took place this past Wednesday, April 4, 2018 in a Brooklyn neighborhood & the victim was 34 year old Saheed Vasell.  Police say the responded to several 911 calls alleging that Saheed was walking around the neighborhood with something that appeared to be a firearm & 911 calls indicate that he was pointing the object at people as well.  When police responded to the 911 calls, they opened fire on Saheed & killed him.  The father of Saheed said his son suffered from Bi-Polar disorder & wasn't a threat to anyone.  People who knew Saheed say that everyone knows he was mentally disturbed & they say the police should have known too.  By the way, the object the victim was holding was a pipe.

The NYPD responded to the tragedy & protests by releasing this video (below.)