Intern's Corner With Grant

Hi, I'm Grant. I'm the digital media intern here at Beasley for the Fall.

My internship deals mostly with things like managing social media posts and writing blogs for station websites just like this one. That being said, I spend a lot of time online so it was nice when I got told I'd be shadowing Dj's for a day.

I made my way over to the V101.9 studio where I met Kelly Mac, who you may have heard hosting middays, and Dj Kue One who runs the "Midday Mixtape" on V101.9. Kelly Mac welcomed me in and I made myself comfortable as the Midday Mixtape started.

It was honestly difficult to stay still while Kue One began to mix together all kinds of throwback hits, especially when I heard personal favorites like Earth Wind and Fire, Sheila E, and Ready For The World.

I decided to hang back and take notes rather than interrupt the task at hand. I took note of how Kelly Mac breaks the mic to tease upcoming keywords for their "Grand In Your Hand" contest, there's a certain smoothness and attitude to her voice that makes you want to stay tuned just to hear her speak again.

It seemed too soon but the Midday Mixtape was over and so was my time. I thanked the two of them and with Sheila E's "Glamorous Life" stuck in my head, made my way back to the Intern's Corner