Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Is Someone Harrassing Former President Obama's Oldest Daughter?

Oh, no they didn't??!! I just heard from The New York Daily News that Secret Service had to detain a man who allegedly has been harassing former President Obama’s daughter Malia.

You know Malia is doing an internship at a film company in the Tribeca area in Brooklyn, New York. Well,  this man who is apparently obsessed with the 18 year old went to the fourth floor of the building where she interns and held a sign in the window begging Malia to marry him.

Of course, the Secret Service shut him down and kicked him out of the building. Two days later, I hear, the man followed Malia to out of her building to the West Village.

The Secret Service ended up interviewing the man and concluded (to no surprise), that the man has psychiatric issues. (duh)