Vince Bucci/Getty Images

New Documents Reveal Prince Had No Meds Prescribed To Him

There are still questions circling whether or not pop icon Prince died from medicines that doctors had prescribed to him. Well, according to recently unsealed documents by CNN, none of the medications found in Prince's home after he died last year were prescribed to him.

What was found in Prince's home were a bottle of opioid painkillers, but those were prescribed to Prince's former drummer and longtime Friend Kirk Johnson. A search warrant revealed those painkillers were found in several places in Paisley Park. In fact, many of the medications were found in vitamin pill bottles and envelopes.

A doctor has admitted he wrote Oxycodone for Prince, but it was under Johnson's name to maintain Prince's privacy.

Despite all that, it's still a mystery as to exactly how Prince died. And even bigger questions: Who gave Prince the painkiller that killed him? And did he even know what he was taking? And how long had he been taking opioid pain medication?

We may never know.